• 54 Days – Piracy Is Not A Victimless Crime – Ask The Film Makers

    This time last week, horror fans around the world were gearing up for the release of the Roache-Turner brothers’ zombie splatterfest Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, a feature that took almost four years of hard …

  • 54 Days Australian Psychological Thriller Film Awards Idyllwild

    54 Days wins 4 awards at Idyllwild Film Festival

    We are delighted to announce 54 Days scored 4 “Golden Paw” awards at Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema … we’re told that’s called winning ‘The Full Coyote’! The awards we won were: Best Cinematographer for …

  • 54 Days Australian Psychological Thriller Film Awards Idyllwild

    Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema – 54 Days US Premiere Jan 8 2015

    We are delighted to announce that 54 Days will be holding its US Première at the Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema on Thursday January 8 2015 at 7pm Set amongst the looming pines, the sweet …

  • facebook_thumb-7_10

    Another Great Review for 54 Days – The Movie Waffler

    “54 Days is a tight and suspenseful addition to the post-apocalyptic genre.” It’s great to welcome 2015 with another great review. A big shout out to the team at Movie Waffler, especially Ben Poole who …

  • celery-stick

    The 54 Days Diet – Celery Not Included!!

    The 54 Days Diet – Celery Not Included Santa Claus is a ba*tard! He’s brought sweeties and choccies for everyone over the past few days with little, if any, concern for the pounds and kilos …

  • 54 Days Australian Psychological Thriller

    Thank You To All Our Supporters & Happy Holidays

    Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you – Our Facebook fans, our crowdfunding supporters, our cast and crew – in fact everyone who has supported us both morally & financially over the past …

  • Film Funding and Distribution Masterclass – Storyology Summit Dec 2014

    The presentation by Tim R. Lea from today’s Film Funding and Digital Distribution Masterclass at The Wakley Foundation’s Storyology 2014 Summit is available for download. The presentation explores how Traditional Distribution Models are being disrupted to …

  • Specialjury

    54 Days Wins Special Jury Prize At 30 Dies Festival In Andorra!!

    54 Days Wins the Special Jury Prize at 30 Dies Festival. Festival de cinema fantàstic a Andorra!!. We want to thank everyone involved in the making of 54 Days – this is the recognition of …

  • 54 Days Poster

    Buy Or Rent 54 Days Now!

    “Keeps you guessing all the way through….” 4/5 UK film critic Gemzee “Surprisingly gripping, suspenseful and emotionally packed film” Richard Delamore of Acting Australia. “A slick exercise in close-quarters tension” 3.5/5 Simon Foster at ScreenSpace …

  • teasertrailer1

    54 Days Teaser Trailer #1

      We are pleased to present the first 54 Days official teaser trailer. Enjoy!! There are four more to come so watch out for them !! Why not join our newsletter to be informed of …

  • bunker1

    Sometimes Cunning Is Needed To Survive (54 Days)

    ►Sometimes Cunning Is Needed to Survive (54 Days)◄ Gregory J Wilken describes this moment in the movie as his character, Dirk, contemplates his next action in response to some distressing and uncomfortable news… “This moment …

  • bunker2

    Loyalty, Betrayal… Anger 54 Days

    ►Loyalty, deception, betrayal… anger◄ Dianna LaGrassa who plays Liz said of this scene: “I remember feeling like I had to unleash her demon, she had finally realised she was not the same woman who had …

  • straws

    Drawing Straws

          Additional Images from the movie Drawing straws is a selection method that is used by a group to choose one member of the group to perform a task after none has volunteered …

  • michelle1

    The Raw Emotion of 54 Days

    The Raw Emotion of 54 Days A second glimpse from 54 Days …Michela Carattini who plays Michelle “At this point in the story there are a quick succession of dramatic moments for my character and …

  • Nick and Anthony throats

    First Images From 54 Days

    First Images From 54 Days We are pleased to present you with the first shots from the finished version 54 Days. JM Burdon, who plays Anthony in the movie said of this shot: I remember this …

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