First Images From 54 Days

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First Images From 54 Days

Nick and Anthony throatsWe are pleased to present you with the first shots from the finished version 54 Days. JM Burdon, who plays Anthony in the movie said of this shot:

I remember this day on set. We all knew the major confrontation scene was being filmed and we were all ready for it. It was also one of the best days on get as the true collaboration of the team, from our director Tim Lea, the cast and our intrepid crew, came to the forefront of working this scene.

It was this day that Michael, who plays Nick, and I, although adversaries in the film really found a true respect for each other as actors and as friends. In such an intense claustrophobic set up, the importance of the work was first and foremost. And although we fought like cat and dog, both physically and emotionally within the scene, it was on this day that I made a new friend in Michael.

I may be strangling him in the shot, but underneath it all, I was strangling him with a new found friendship. It’s an intense strangle from a new friend…and haven’t we all been there at some point in our life? No? Must just be me…

All good – we like it that tensions on set, stay on set !

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