54 Days – Piracy Is Not A Victimless Crime – Ask The Film Makers

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This time last week, horror fans around the world were gearing up for the release of the Roache-Turner brothers’ zombie splatterfest Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, a feature that took almost four years of hard work and dedication to realise.


Piracy – Who Needs it ?

For those that don’t know, it’s received resounding critical praise at home and abroad, and unlike many excellent home grown productions, received a limited theatrical release across the country last Friday, 13th February. At the same time, it opened in a handful of American cinemas became available on iTunes in the US from the same date.

Over the weekend following its release, it was the MOST PIRATED piece of entertainment in the world. Plenty of journalists and bloggers around the world have spent hours discussing the issue and movie piracy in general. Check out these articles:




Part of what makes this so concerning for films like Wyrmwood (and indeed 54 Days) is that general audiences seem to be under the impression that piracy is only hurting some giant, faceless studio who can afford to lose a couple bucks when their latest blockbuster has just raked in hundreds of millions of dollars – but in Australia, that’s never the case.

Piracy AL10968564_867393179980053_216818913839719892_nWAYS hurts Australian filmmakers and makes it harder to continue to produce compelling, exciting Australian films, because by definition the Australian film industry (for the most part) operates outside the studio system. Almost all Australian films are independent to some degree. In many ways that’s a great thing – when they’re not beholden to the heads of studios’ whims, Australian filmmakers are able to push the boundaries of what you’ve seen on screen before, delivering exciting, challenging new content. But on the other hand, it means that any losses incurred when a film is pirated come straight out of the filmmakers’ pockets.

The audience who want the film so badly that they’re stealing it via torrenting and piracy are ENSURING that no more of these sorts of films can get made. Which is just crazy, when you think about it!

If you want to keep seeing great Australian films – and indeed great independent films from anywhere in the world – you MUST support them by purchasing legitimate copies. Support Australian filmmakers.

You can get your hands on Wyrmwood through the US iTunes store here:http://tinyurl.com/l98azd7
Or for Australians, pre-order it from JB Hi-Fi: http://tinyurl.com/l3dznkk

54 DAYS POSTER w LAURELS_25_percent54 Days is available to rent or buy from $4.99 on multiple video on demand platforms worldwide, including:

Vimeo on Demand:https://vimeo.com/ondemand/54days

VHX: http://54days.vhx.tv/ and

Distrify: http://muvi.es/w6746

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