About 54 Days

54 Days is an Independent Australian Thriller Feature Film that explores how we would react to a situation where our very survival is at stake.

If you were trapped with a group of people, with food and water running out rapidly how would deal with the impossible situation where

“Either one of you dies or you all die”

– what would you do?

– how would you decide who dies and who survives ?

– It’s a decision none of us would want to face … but people have faced this situation in real life.

Writing the script for 54 Days meant heavy research to find elements of truth. Not only did we explore the canon of survival films and thriller films but also real life examples of where individuals and groups have had to face the impossible decision of sacrifice and self-sacrifice when a group’s very survival was at stake. It was painful reading at times but in order for 54 Days to have truth in its story and in its screenwriting – truth, and horrible truth at times, needed to be examined.

The survival instinct is strong – REAL STRONG! – and it becomes stronger as we come face to face with our own mortality as the Australian Thriller 54 Days shows . It is only here that our true character reveals itself… Its only here we really see who we truly are…

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