Background To The Production of 54 Days


Background to the Production of 54 Days – The Australian Independent Thriller Film.

Short Film Version of 54 Days

In October 2013 we decided to enter a 28 day short film competition, ‘Western Digital Project Sci Fi’ competition in Sydney, Australia. In the competition, we had to write and produce a short film up to 10 minutes long within 28 days of being given a core theme. We were allocated the post apocalypse theme. As a result, we produced the short film version of 54 Days.

The  film got into the finals and was award nominated for best script for Tim R. Lea and best editing for David Mclaren Roberts. and given strong feedback from audience members and industry professionals alike, we decided to make a feature version of 54 Days – having established the concept had merit. So in February 2014 we launched our crowdfunding campaign …


In February 2014 we launched our 54 Days crowdfunding campaign.

thefull house

Our aim for the campaign was to raise $54,000 in 54 Day for 54 Days – yeah we know – all marketing BS and all. But we had a full house for our launch (selling out in 2 days).

Thanks to all our wonderful supporters, many of whom you can see in the final credits of the movie, the end result was that our campaign was successful and the project began, with our wonderful cast and crew beginning this long and, at times, challenging road to the end result – a completed movie.


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