Electronic Press Kit – 54 Days


Electronic Press Kit

We are always very happy to chat or conduct interviews with journalists and professionals from all areas of the media – TV, Radio,  Bloggers, Websites, YOUTube Vloggers, Podcasters, Facebook groups, fan pages etc etc .

To give you a complete background to 54 Days,  we have put together our Electronic Press Kit (EPK), which should help give you a guide a to the film itself, the cast and the film makers behind 54 Days. In it we have:

  • Background to 54 Days
  • Synopsis of 54 Days
  • Cast and crew Bios
  • Links to our Official Trailer & 5 teaser trailers
  • Answers to 17 Key Questions asked of us over the past 12 months in the development and production of 54 Days.

To download the 54 Days EPK in word format (c 4mb) click on the download button below.





If you have any further requests for information, interviews with cast and crew,  please do not hesitate to ask.

You can contact us here.

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