Liz – Dianna La Grassa


Liz – Dianna LaGrassa


Dianna LaGrassa – The Character Of Liz

Dianna is a Canadian born actor who has been working and living in Sydney for the past three years. As a child she attended the Toronto Academy for Film and Television and was selected for an intensive program where she worked alongside famous Canadian actors.

Since coming to Australia Dianna has continued to build and develop her craft. She has been accepted into several NIDA Open Studios where she has had the opportunity to be trained by some of the best in the business.

She has starred in several short films, commercials and completed her first feature film Two Brothers and a Girl as the female lead last year. 54 Days is Dianna’s second feature film and she plays one of the leading female roles.

Dianna is always looking for challenging roles and opportunities to work with amazing talent.


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