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54 Days – Movie Reviews


We are increasingly getting requests to review 54 Days since we winning several International Awards in the US and now having had the World and Australian Premières of 54 Days.

We are delighted to report that early reviews of 54 Days have been very positive  and we would like to thank all those who have taken the time and trouble to review 54 Days to date and look forward to welcoming new reviewers.



“Just watched an excellent Aussie indy film 54 Days – Gotta love Saturday arvo Sci-Fi.” Preview Films


“If you like slow-burn tension and a film that’s full of ideas, then make sure you check it out.” You’ve Got Red On You


“10/10. Should be on everyone’s to watch list!”

Fraking Films

“…snowballs quickly with a second half that’s utterly engrossing” Film Ink
“… a gut-wrenching climax that will make you stop what you’re doing”

Bruce Kilroy, ReelBloody.com

 The production of this film should be an inspiration to indie

filmmakers” Levi Anderson, Rogue Cinema   

“Truly a brilliant piece of independent cinema”
“A Masterclass not only in story-telling, but also in technical prowess”
–Latest 54 Days review from Fraking Films (U.S.)

 “A successful experiment in rugged filmmaking.”

“ The production of this film should be an inspiration to indie filmmakers”

Levi Anderson at Rogue Cinema. Check Out Rogue Cinema’s review of 54 Days here  


“Atmospherically rich and intriguing throughout”

Michael Rajnovic at Film Guinea Pig. You can check out the review  Film Guinea Pig’s Review of 54 Days can be seen here


“54 Days is a tight and suspenseful addition to the post-apocalyptic genre.”

Ben Poole at TheMovieWaffler.com, You can check out their The Movie Waffler’s Review of 54 Days here


“A FANTASTIC Independent film…I can’t wait to see what they do with a higher budget – I am on board!”

Video Review of 54 Days by MsMovieFreakout Janet R. Blakely 


 “54 Days … is a truly gripping bit of work that goes to show just how great cinema is that comes from Oz…” Michael Smith (Liberty Voice), Liberty Voice Review of 54 Days can be seen here 


“4 Star Bunker Brilliance, Indie Film at its Best” Stephen Jardine,  Road Rash Review of 54 Days available here
“Surprisingly gripping, suspenseful and emotionally packed film”  Richard Delamore – Acting Australia. Check out Acting Australia’s Review Of 54 Days here
 “A slick exercise in close-quarters tension” Simon Foster at Screen Space. Check out Screen Space’s Review of 54 Days here
  “Keeps you guessing all the way through….” 4/5 – UK film critic Gemzee. Check out Gemzee’s review of 54 Days here


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to review 54 Days 

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