The Writing Process


The Writing Process

During the writing process, 54 Days was heavily researched.

Not only did we explore the canon of survival films but also real life examples of where individuals and groups have had to face impossible decision of self sacrifice, when their own survival was at stake – it was painful reading at times but in order for 54 Days to have truth in its story – truth, and horrible truth at times, needed to be explored.

Background to the Production

In December 2013 we entered the short film version of 54 Days into the ‘Western Digital Project Sci Fi’ competition in Sydney, Australia. The film got into the finals and was nominated for best script and best editing. and given phenomenal feedback from audience members and industry professionals alike, we decided to make a feature version of the short film- using crowdfunding.
So in February 2014 we launched our crowdfunding campaign …

Launch of Our Crowdfunding Campaign

Q & A with the Original Cast

Producers Tim Lea and Nicholas Andrew Halls
(If you want to see more pictures from our crowdfunding launch please visit the 54 Days facebook page, HERE)
Changing the Movie

In designing the feature version of the short film we needed to change the movie. We brought these changes about because we had more time to explore the characters, to identify their weaknesses, strengths and the dynamics between them. Whilst we had a good idea of the characters’ identities, we needed to add layers to them to make them interesting, more complex with some secrets hidden deep down. Not only did we re-write the characters, but we also decided to re-write the ending – with 16 different endings written altogteher.
Now it is not because Tim Lea, our writer/director was a glutton for punishment but because if the short film is the same as the feature – why would anyone go and see the feature? So as a result, the story, whilst retaining much of our short film’s core idea is now completely different – and it is not a Hollywood ending…

So prepare yourself for an uncomfortable and challenging journey that twists and turns, keeps you on the edge of your seat and will make you question:

“How far you would go to survive ?”

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